Basement + Egg Cartons = Studio... Right?

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

Do egg cartons work as acoustic treatment?

Basement + Egg Cartons = Studio... Right?

These days you can buy high quality gear and learn the skills used in big pro studios, so what’s the main thing separating home studios and pro studios?

The sound of the rooms - Pro studio rooms sound great. The listening position in the mixing room is tuned to near perfection.

So how do you compete at home?

You could waste lots of time and money - If you have spent any money on lightweight foam stuff or egg cartons then you have just learnt a valuable lesson... Are your recordings any better? Not likely - Your recordings are perhaps a little less echoey in the high end, but still muffled and unclear.

In home studios we need our acoustic treatment to be dense and heavy to reduce the bass and mid range reflections as well as the trebly high frequencies.

You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have our rooms purposefully rebuilt for sound...
Not likely!

A better option is to book me to come to your place and access your room sound and workout the best custom solution to fit whatever budget you have.

I can get you closer to the pro studio sound for a fraction of the cost.

Taking from my 20+ years experience in setting up home studios across NZ, I will help you take a big step in the right direction.