2019 Sessions

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2019 Sessions

It has been a fun and challenging year!

I have put a bunch of pins on the map to show some of the places I have been this year (Not including any remote sessions/product only sales/other services). These are the session where I was lucky enough to be personally invited into a Kiwi musician's home to help them get closer to their goals. Kiwi musicians who wanted help getting quicker and better at recording and mixing their music from their bedroom, study, garage, lounge, office complex, farm cabin, basement, kitchen table.. All sorts!

Kiwi musicians from all walks of life, complete starters and hobbyists to seasoned session musicians and radio celebrities who just wanted to be able to do it by themselves. To retirees wanting to finally get those songs down! Ages 13 to 84. Shacks to Mansions. Farms to apartment buildings.

Not only have I helped people move from old school analogue setups to a digital setups, I have also helped them retain as much of their old analogue gear as possible and incorporated it in their new modern setup. I have helped salvage old recordings trapped inside old gear. I have also shown many musicians that the gear they had all along was all they needed, so saving them loads of money and headaches!

I have helped clients on a massive range of gear and have clarified how to get things done on DAWs including Logic Pro, Studio One, Garageband, Cakewalk, Sonar, Cool Edit Pro, Bandlab, Fruity Loops, CuBase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and my personal favourite Reaper.

Every session with a new client is very different, and most of the issues they faced would never have been resolved watching YouTube videos or reading articles and blogs. But together we worked out what they wanted to do and how to do it.

I am not a corporate chasing the year on year profits, in fact I am like most musicians, maintaining a day job to cover the bills while waiting for the time that this becomes big enough, and reliable enough to do full time. Not too big, as I want to maintain my personal connections and very high standard of service.

I am not arrogant and do not pretend to be the greatest or have all the answers.  I listen to and help my clients. I know all my clients names, faces, goals and challenges personally. Not every home recordist wants to spend years and $100k+ studying be the next Rick Rubin, George Martin, or Quincy Jones, in the same way not every guitarist wants to study for years be the next Jimmy Hedrix or Page, most of my clients just want to be able to record what they are doing, and produce a final product they can be proud of.
Based on the overwhelming feedback from all of my clients, I am delivering on what I offer.

Since a young age I have been addicted to hearing new original music (seriously - buying CDs over food and transport was how I rolled back in the day!) I also have very eclectic tastes (may of my clients are surprised to learn this moments after nervously playing me their works in progress). The range of music I have heard people working on at home has been so refreshing! So many different cultures influencing what people create, one moment I'm hearing Jazz, the next it's a South American love ballad, or traditional Indian music, then Polynesian songs, on to Black Metal, Hop Hop, Country and so on...  My addiction has been very satisfied as of late!

My goal next year is also to get to more parts of the country, so no matter where you are, if you would like to book a session, please get in touch and we can sort something out.  If you respect my time and presence, I'm keen!

Another goal next year is to continue developing and promoting my message of:

Please record your music! Everything you write! For yourself, for promotion, for the F of it, but most of all, to get better at it, and to preserve your ideas forever!
Do it now, on what you have. Stop waiting for the perfect set up. Most gear can get you professional results.
Like taking a photo of your favorite people, places, and moments on your phone...  Rather than heading off to the shop to buy a bunch of photo gear and getting back to find the moment has passed.

Yeah it’s a bit jumbled, as I say, I am still developing it!

Please record your music.

Please get in touch if you cannot.