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Autex Acoustic Treatment

An introduction for those not yet in the know

Autex are world leaders in Acoustic Treatment and guess what - They're Kiwis!

More info coming soon.

Currently Autex is only available via my consultation service.

The Autex commitment ot the environment (In their words)

"We believe the design and architectural communities have the power to drive sustainability forward in the built environment. But, they can't do it alone. As a manufacturer and designer of architectural products, we're renewing our commitments and increasing actions to reduce environmental impacts now, and in the future."

Why am I telling you this?

As my existing clients already know, I am not one for pushing products or talking people into buying things you do not need. I like to create long term relationships with my clients and help them with their ongoing recording goals. If I recommended a bad product, I would need to explain myself down the line if it let them down or got in the way of their goals!

I come from a background of home recording, recording others, playing in bands, recording in studios, running the entire audio category at Noel Leeming (I decided how to spend millions of dollars across 90+ stores nationwide), setting up and training musicians to record their music at home.

Over the last 20+ years I have come to understand how things work in ALL ASPECTS of Audio.  I have been to the head offices of Sony in Japan, and the Asia Pacific head offices of Wharfedale, Philips, Bose, and many of the other key audio brands out there. I have even helped develop and tune speakers which have sold worldwide - For one such instance I was gifted an awesome pair of Jade 5s from Wharfedale!

These days I am a home studio owner and I provide gear, training and support to help you record your music at home.

Take from my 20+ years experience in setting up and running
home recording studios on a budget

If you would like help choosing the gear you need, please book me in for a consultation - You might already have all the gear you need!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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